The Ford F-150 has solid hardware that's designed for towing. Under its hood, there is a 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine with twin-turbo components. This engine provides 375 horsepower, so it can produce enough torque for equipment that weighs up to 13,200 pounds.

Besides the mechanical hardware, this pickup truck also has great technologies that make towing easier. Sway control is a very useful feature because it stabilizes a trailer when it's towed behind the F-150. In the cabin, there are multiple indicators that provide alerts when problems occur during towing routines. There is an alert for lighting issues, connectivity problems, and a low battery. Safety technologies for towing are included as well. Pro Trailer Backup Assist and Dynamic Hitch Assist prevent accidents when the F-150 tows a boat.

A great truck for towing needs systems that provide efficient control and handling on the road. The Ford F-150 has these features, and they're quite reliable. If you want to hop in an F-150, it's available at Bennettsville Ford. Potential buyers who visit our business in Bennettsville, SC can test drive F-150 trucks.

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