Winter Tires, All-Season Wheels, and Undertaking Winter Conditions

Throughout the coldest time of the year, as well as during your automobile maintenance decisions, finding the right pick of tires is usually often questionable. You have the option of dedicated winter tires, which are optimum for cold weather, or a group of all-season tires which are optimal for conditions during all months of the year. Here at Bennettsville Ford we wanted to provide ideas to help you compare between which type of tires you should choose, depending on your conditions and surroundings.

One important attribute to consider would be the tread patterns of the wheels. Regarding winter tires, the tread design is significantly more difficult than additional tire types. The tread is made to vacate collected water and slush, while also containing deep grooves. These deep grooves will help keep impacted snow afoot. All-season tires possess a mixture of tread benefits for both winter and summer conditions. For snowy circumstances, you have sipes within the all-season tire which assists in improving traction when traction isn't quite as high.

In the wintertime you may use a dedicated winter tire to ensure that you’ve always got an excellent grip if there's snow and ice outside in spots like Bennettsville. Nevertheless, with this choice it really is optimal to change to summer wheels in warmer and dryer conditions. Whereas in the event that you live in a location in which you don’t have heavy winter conditions all that frequently, but does sometimes involve some light snow, then an all-season tire is actually a pretty good choice.


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