Ford Focus RS: Dynamic New Exterior

There are a ton of compact sedans and hatchbacks that are on the market today, and the Ford Focus RS is no exception to the rule. This mighty hatchback is small in size, but it's dynamic in appearance. If you're looking to save money on gas mileage and look good in the process, then the Focus RS is for you. Though the vehicle has a myriad of features, its exterior is a standout.

Curves, grooves and contours can be seen throughout the body of this vehicle. The bonnet slopes perfectly in a downward motion, right into the blacked-out grille. This frame is also husky and athletic-looking from front to back. You, the consumer, will love the overall sweeping motion of this design, which makes it look different from other hatchbacks in its class. In addition to that, the LED lighting appears to be well-crafted right into the frame for an unmistakable look.

Ford is urging interested buyers to see this vehicle up-close and in-person. If you're ready, then we'll give you a free test drive.



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