Performance Features of the Ford Fusion

The Ford Fusion is the quintessential example of a midsize sedan. Performance, a comfortable and spacious cabin and nimble capability on the road all characterize the many fine qualities it has to offer drivers.

Enjoy higher savings on gas when you utilize the Fusion's Start-Stop feature. While you are waiting at the curb, in traffic or at a stoplight, the engine will turn itself off while still maintaining all the cabin functions currently being used, such as the radio or the air conditioner. Once you press on the accelerator, the engine comes to life again in an instant. You'll reduce emissions and the price you pay at the pump at the same time. Enjoy a quieter and smoother ride with the smart sensors governing the Fusion's stability system. Monitoring motion and other factors, it instantly responds to uneven road conditions by compensating with computer-driven efficiency.

Visit Bennettsville Ford in Bennettsville, SC to test drive the Ford Fusion.

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