Oversteer and understeer are two ways the car can go out of control while driving.


Oversteer is more common in cars that have rear-wheel drive and happens when the car steers more than the driver wanted it to from the steering wheel. A potential oversteer could happen if a driver makes a steering correction too fast after drifting out of the lane.


Understeer happens when the car steers less than the driver wanted it to, and is most prone to happen if the car is front-wheel drive. Imagine a front-wheel drive car hits a patch of snow; the car continues to travel forward regardless of the direction of the wheels.

Both instances of loss of control can happen in any vehicle, and especially in a vehicle with a strong motor. If you want to learn more about steering and how the drivetrain effects control, visit us at Bennettsville Ford where we can give you more expert advice.


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